Saturday, December 12, 2009

Big Pink Cookies - 11/6/2009

Maybe you think I made these cookies. . . Maybe you know me better than that.

What I know is that for three nights in a row I have fallen asleep fantasizing about pink frosted sugar cookies. Not just any sugar cookies though. The kind they served with lunch in Junior high. They must be big and round -- think number ten can used as a cookie cutter. Normally I prefer heart shaped sugar cookies, but round is important. Also, soft. Perfectly soft. Not even the edges are crunchy, but they aren't doughy either. It is very important that the frosting is pink too, with sprinkles. I don't even like sprinkles (Does anyone really like sprinkles?) And it isn't so much of frosting as it is icing. Crisp, but not crunchy like royal icing. More like icing on a frosted cake doughnut. Almond flavored frosting, and they probably put almond in the cookie dough too, I could never quite tell. Basically if anyone reading this, or anyone you know, is a lunch lady at Oak Canyon Junior High, I need this recipe. Or the cookies. In my mouth. Right. Now.

I ate one of these giant cookies almost every day in junior high. Sometimes I shared with my friend, but that usually meant we were sharing ice cream too. We also ate pizza pretty much every day for lunch too. I was the same height and probably 120. My friend generally ate more treats than I did, so naturally she weighed about twenty pounds less.

Maybe I should try that as a diet plan . . .

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