Sunday, March 7, 2010


I read about making cupcakes in jars a while back, and sort of became obsessed with the idea. So, I have been saving baby food jars for nearly a month now, and tonight I made cupcakes . . . in jars.

I think my least favorite part was trying to spray the jars with cooking spray. Cooking spray grosses me out. Really, as much as a pain as it can be, I prefer the good old fashioned grease and flour method. But, we have two cans of Pam I am trying to use, plus, as much as I hate to admit it, it is kind of convenient.

I made orange cake, yum! This is just a white cake mix, mixed as directed on the package, plus a small package of orange jello mix. Not only is orange cake delicious, it looks neat in the jars. Speaking of the jars I completely overfilled them with batter. Oops.

I am pretty sure using a squeezy ice cream/cookie scoop would have been an excellent way to get the batter in the jars, but we don't have one, so I made a big mess, and then had to wipe down the tops of all the jars before baking. Not that it mattered since the cupcakes poofed out of the jars anyway. 

So, I scooped out some of the cake. It kind of looks like baby food again . . . eew.

But, with the help of some vanilla frosting and some sprinkles, the turned out all right. I even covered the lids in cute paper and ribbon. You would not believe how difficult it is to find cute paper that goes with orange. I guess next time I will have to make pink cake.


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