Wednesday, April 14, 2010

So Easy - Strawberry Tarts

Every Spring I get so excited for strawberries to come into season. I love eating them plain, and on shortcakes, and I especially love them in freshly made freezer jam! I whipped up these little tartlets for a morning much and mingle I hosted. They were so easy! They only need 3 ingredients (4 if you want to top them with whipping cream). I used a store bought pie crust from a can to make the little shells.

You just un-roll the dough, and it is ready to bake. I used a scallop edged cookie cutter about 3" across and baked the dough in a muffin tin for about 7 minutes. They might be even tastier if you used sugar cookie dough instead.

The I spread a layer of strawberry glaze in the bottom of each tart. You can make your own if you would like, but I just bout a tub I found next to the strawberries in the produce section.

Check out that gorgeous red color!

Fill the tarts the rest of the way with sliced strawberries and tah-dah!

Monday, April 12, 2010

I {heart} Desserts

I feel that I must begin this post with a disclaimer. I did not choose this photo so I could suck up to the judge. Although, who wouldn't want to suck up to Bakerella? While I have many skills, photography really isn't one of them. I love to edit pictures, but I wish I didn't have to ALL the time. Also, the entry info said to post your BEST ever photo of a dessert, and I am pretty sure this is it. So, here it is - the picture that I got from sheer dumb luck, (and a really great cupcake pop tutorial. See? This is sucking up) no editing involved.
(Click the photo to see a larger view)
Try not to notice the stove in the background. Do try to notice the awesome chocolate swirl. At least the background is blurry, which I have a really hard time doing with my plain old point and shoot digital camera. Help, anyone? I use a casio exilim ex-s880.

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