Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Last week I decided to try my hand at couponing. I have been reading this and I got very excited about the prospect of free food. I have always been a sucker for free stuff. After spending a few hours searching the internet for coupons, figuring out how to get the rotten things to print, and scouring the local adds for deals, I came up with a plan. Smith's had a promotion going last week where and coupon worth less than a dollar would be increased to a dollar, plus a buy 10 participating items save $3 deal. Between deals and coupons, I ended up with 5 boxes of Cheerios and 1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch ($0.50/each), 4 boxes of Gushers ($1.20/each), 3 bags of goldfish (Free!), 3 Yoplait Greek yogurts ($0.30/each), 3 Totino's Pizzas ($0.60/piece) and various other items that weren't  necessarily great deals, but we wanted them anyway. The Totino's should have been free, but the cashier didn't understand what two of my coupons said, and I was too tired to fight with her over $2. The good news is I (mostly) avoided buying things I wouldn't normally buy, which is one of the major pitfalls of couponing, and I have already eaten the unnecessary purchases. More good news is I saved something like half our normal grocery bill. I also got a $2.50 same as cash coupon and a free Dannon Greek yogurt coupon at the register with my receipt. The downsides were I was completely frazzled by the end of my shopping trip (which may have been due to listening a whiny child the whole time) I ended up paying a lot for a bottle of Ranch because I was too tired to go to a different store to find a cheaper one, and we never finished picking up groceries for last weeks dinners, so we mostly scrounged up whatever we could find. Overall I think: Been there, done that. I simply have no motivation for couponing any more. We have far too picky of eaters at our house for it to be really effective. I do plan to keep my eyes open for extra good deals so I can stock up on good items, but there is no way I can go through the whole process every week.